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TitelWorkshop: Investigating carbon dioxide capture using algal balls
StedBygning 27 - Lokale 27.2-054 - Lokale 3
Målgruppe1.G, 2.G, 3.G
AnsvarligPraveen Ramasamy, telefon: 46742275
BeskrivelseCarbon dioxide (CO2) is one of the most important contributors for global warming and climate change. The CO2 concentrations in the air are gradually increasing over the recent decades mainly due to the increase of human activity. Microalgae are photosynthetic organisms that, in the presence of light, can capture CO2 ten times efficiently than terrestrial plants. In this workshop, students will learn to estimate the efficiency of microalgae in capturing CO2. For this, students will use algal balls1 (microalgae embedded in gel to form small balls) to test CO2 capture under different conditions like changing light intensities, color of light and concentration of microalgae. Through these experiments, students will be able to understand and demonstrate the importance of characteristics of light and concentration of algae on the rate of photosynthesis and their efficiency of CO2 capture. Finally, student will be able to recommend the best conditions for maximum CO2 capture using microalgae.

For further details, teachers could feel free to contact me through email/telephone.


OBS: This activity is 2 x 45 minutes

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