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TitelDiving into the world of antibiotics-how do we make them?
StedBygning 28B - Teorirum 28B-01
MålgruppeKendskab til organisk kemi og biologi er nyttigt. Foredraget er på Engelsk
AnsvarligAdjunkt Biljana Mojsoska, tlf.: 46743672
BeskrivelseAntibiotics-are they victim of their own success?
Where do we find them in nature and how do we use nature to inspire synthesis of novel classes?

In this session we will dive into the area of antibiotic discovery, from Penicillin to new classes that are emerging nowadays. We will look at several classes of antibiotics and what infections we can treat with them. We will also discuss their origin, and which kinds of organisms produce them. In addition, we will look at the process of how long it takes to discover an antibiotic and make a new one from scratch. During the session, you will learn about different techniques we use in the lab to isolate, test, and synthesize novel antibiotics. We will also visit the lab where we do Drug Development and Discovery and see how drugs are made.

Denne aktivitet varer 45 minutter og oplægget er på engelsk.

(aktiviteten erstatter den tidligere annoncerede "Intro the world of Food Chemistry- What is Molecular Gastronomy?)

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