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TitelJoin the Research Team! The Chemistry Connection between Tomatoes, Colour and Medicine
StedBygning 15 - Auditorie 15.0-003
MålgruppeKendskab til organisk kemi og biologi er nyttigt. Foredraget er på Engelsk
AnsvarligWilliam Goldring, telefon: 46742308
BeskrivelseWhat makes a tomato red and why are they good for our health? During this practical demonstration and short presentation we will learn about molecules in Nature, the so-called natural products found in plants, animals and bacteria.

We will also learn about their chemistry and importance in medicine, agriculture, and materials. How do we isolate these molecules, what techniques do we use and how do we know what the structure of these molecules looks like?

We will answer many of these questions and get to know some of the equipment, instruments and techniques required to isolate the medicines of tomorrow.

So, join the research team and help us discover a potential medicine found in the tomato that will benefit human health.
What will we find and how will it behave?

OBS: This presentation is in English.

The activity will last 45 minutes.

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