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Roskilde Universitet
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TitelMathematical modelling of blood cancer
StedBygning 27 - 27.2-064 (PC lokalet)
Målgruppe2.G og 3.G
AnsvarligJordan Andrew Snyder
BeskrivelseThrough a close and long-standing collaboration with doctors and clinical researchers at Sjællands Universitetshospital in Roskilde, a group of mathematicians at RUC have developed mathematical models for the development of blood cancer in the body and its connection to inflammation.
These models have a strong biological basis, and likewise they can help doctors to better understand how cancer develops in a person and how best to treat it. In this talk you will get a view into how a mathematician thinks when building a model of a biological system, and a prime example of the positive difference mathematics can make in peoples live.

This line of research is just one example of why RUC is a great place to study mathematics, especially with a view towards applications. We have a strong tradition of thinking critically about the process of building mathematical models and their relation to the real world, and project work gives you abundant opportunities to try it for yourself in different areas.

You can read more about our research on or

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